A contraindication is “a condition or symptom which makes a particular treatment or procedure inadvisable.” Please advise Esthetician of any health/medical concerns or allergies. If you are not sure, please ask and we can discuss the proper treatment for your needs. Here are a few examples of contraindications in relation to the services Eirena Esthetics provides. Please note, some contraindications noted below may depend on the client, for example: If a pregnant client is requesting waxing services, we could proceed but would avoid upper leg, bikini and stomach.


Open cuts, abrasions, swelling of the skin
Cold sores
Contagious skin conditions
Open pustules, severe eczema or psoriasis
Pink eye or eye infections
Allergic sensitives


Sunburn, open cuts, abrasions
Skin diseases, disorders, pronounced moles or warts
Active herpes lesions
Varicose veins
Diabetes or uncontrolled high/low blood pressure
Chemotherapy/radiation treatments
Low pain threshold
Poor circulation

Body Treatments

Uncontrolled high/low blood pressure
Diabetes, Cancer
Contagious skin diseases, inflamed/infected skin
Deep vein thrombosis
Severe varicose veins, broke capillaries
Unidentified swelling, recent scarring


Eye allergies
Eye infections or inflammation
Extreme eye sensitivity
Glaucoma or cataracts
Claustrophobia (The eyelash tinting procedure, requires you to sit steady, with your eyes closed for up to 20 minutes)